The first Addictive Behavior Counseling School began on the University of the Nations campus in Kona, Hawaii in September, 1989 under the leadership of Darv & Carol Smith and Miriam Young. There were 12 students from 5 different countries. There were 2 major outreaches one to India and another later to Micronesia. The second ABCS was also held in Kona under the leadership of Mel Hanna & Darv Smith with an outreach to Hong Kong & Micronesia. Later 2 ABCS students Barbara Kosko-Holm & Linda Subris started "Omult", the first addiction rehab program in Palau, Micronesia in 1991. The next ABCSs were in Amsterdam in 1993,1994, & 1996 with outreaches to Budapest, Latvia, & Russia.

Dr Bruce Thompson invited Darv and Carol to start an ABCS in Chatel, Switzerland in 1998 which was co-led by Darv & Bruce.We had a meaningful outreach to Mongolia where we worked with the "Alcohol Abuse Reduction Project" helping to train Mongolian physicians to set up Minnesota Model rehab programs and starting AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) support groups. Jungmi Park, a student in the Chatel school, has continued to work with poor street alcoholics; most of them become Christians. She is now training church leaders to start support groups in Mongolian churches. There were further schools in Kona, HI in 1997, 1999, 2000. At this point God led us to release leadership to younger leaders, but we continued to mentor them and help on staff. Linda Subris, from Palau, led the ABCS in Kona in 2000. Natasha Schure led one in Kiev, Ukraine in early 2001 with outreaches to Muchavo & Kiev. That same year Stan & Beth Pettengill led a school in Amsterdam with an outreach to Ukraine. Jungwoo Cheon, from Korea & Fuana Tmarsel, from Palau, co-led the first Asian ABCS in Jeju, Korea in 2002-2003 with a major outreach to Kazahkstan. Darv & Carol led an ABCS in Amsterdam with 29 students from 17 different countries. This included all the leadership and staff for the Cleft Ministry to prostitutes. The main outreach went to India. Another ABCS was held in Jeju, Korea under the leadership of Jungwoo Cheon, Yeonoh Kim, and Kwang Hee. Shin Sook is leading the main outreach to Kazahkstan.

The next ABCS is scheduled for Kona, HI in March, 2005 led by Linda Subris. Natasha Shure & Carol Smith will co-led an ABCS in Kiev, Ukraine beginning in July, 2005. An ABCS is scheduled for Lonavala, India in January, 2006 and Chatel,Switzerland in July, 2006.

We acknowledge that these schools began in the heart of God. The scripture repeatedly describes God's heart as tender toward those who are broken and needing the oil of healing and the care of a shepherd. God sees the big picture of needs in the world. Addiction in all its many forms is certainly a source of hurt and pain all over the world. Our vision from the outset has been to have culturally diverse schools, in keeping with YWAM values. God has given us students from every continent. We are grateful for His guiding hand in shaping these schools and making them faithful to the written Word and guided by the Spirit.

Before starting the ABC Schools Darv & Carol attended a Crossroads Discipleship Training School in Kona, HI in 1985 with an outreach to Asia. They then attended two University of the Nations counseling schools as students in Hawaii in 1986 and 1988. While active in the U of N / YWAM Darv & Carol have taught in many other U of N schools and led workshops with other ministries. Darv is currently serving as president with ISAAC (International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition).