Lecture Notes / Class Handouts

Family Dynamics

Family Sculpture
Family Roles: A Self Test
Family Meetings
Family Rules
Family Functioning Comparison
Developmental Issues
Attachment Issues


What is Alcoholism/Addiction?
Drug Types
Ecstacy: Club Drugs
Compulsive Gambling
Gambling: Self Test
Stages of Recovery
Drunkenness in the Bible
Addiction: Sin or Sickness
Work Addiction
Prevention Programs
Dying for a Drink (outline)
Toxic Faith/Religious Addiction: Self Test
The Soil of Addictions
Tree of Addictions (Image)


Releasing Shame
Shame: Self Test

Group Dynamics

AA Group Structure
Change Group Guidelines
Process Groups
Process Group Skills
Biblical Basis for Small Groups
Curative Factors in Groups
Support Group Guidelines


What Is Codependency?
The Codependency Cycle
Rescuing Moves
Patterns and characteristics

Adult Children

Adult Children of Alcoholics
ACOA Acrostic


Character Development
Ethics in Counseling
Ethics in Counseling-CAPS
Ethics in Counseling-Greatplace
Personality Disorders
Walking in the Light: Johari Window
Sexually Transmitted Diseases